Paris Olympics 2024: Boxing schedule and venue at Paris 2024

The 2024 Paris Olympics will see athletes from across the world, including some 206 countries take the world stage from July 26. The upcoming Games, which will be the 33rd edition, will be played from July 26 till August 11 and feature boxing events from July 27 till August 10. However, the finals of the boxing categories will commence from August 6, the entire 15-day event will be played at the Roland Garros and the North Paris Arena.

Here in this article, we’ll take a look at the list of Indian athletes and the categories and its schedule at the Paris Olympics. 

Indian athletes qualified in boxing for 2024 Paris Olympics

For the first time, India will feature a women dominated squad in boxing at the upcoming quadrennial Games. Here’s the list of Indian athletes participating across categories in boxing:

Nikhat Zareen: Women’s 50kg

Amit Phangal: Men’s 51kg

Nishant Dev: Men’s 71kg

Preeti Pawar: Women’s 54kg

Lovlina Borgohain: Women’s 75kg

Jaismine Lamboria: Women’s 57kg

Boxing at Paris Olympics 2024: Schedule, venue, categories and more

The boxing events will run from July 27 till August 10, 2024. The events will be held at the North Paris Arena and at the Roland Garros. While the event will be played till August 5, from August 6 to 10, the finals will be held across several categories. 

Here’s the list of finals scheduled to be played at the 2024 Paris Olympics:

6 August: Women’s 60kg

7 August: Men’s 63.5kg, Men’s 80kg

8 August: Men’s 51kg, Women’s 54kg

9 August: Men’s 71kg, Women’s 50kg, Men’s 92kg, Women’s 66kg

10 August: Women’s 57kg, Men’s 57kg, Women’s 75kg, Men’s +92kg

What are the categories in boxing for the 2024 Paris Olympics?

The sport of boxing will see players feature across 13 categories, seven of which are men’s, while six are women’s. 

Men’s categories: 51kg, 57kg, 63.5kg, 71kg, 80kg, 92kg and +92kg

Women’s categories: 50kg, 54kg, 57kg, 60kg, 66kg and 75kg

What is the format in boxing and how does scoring works?

Boxing, which features 13 categories at the Summer Games, will start with a preliminary round of 32. Each bout will have three rounds and last for three minutes each. At the end of each round, a panel consisting of five judges will determine a winner based on judging criteria and will award points from 10.

After the bout ends, each judge adds up the round scores to determine a final winner. Moreover, the losers will be eliminated, the winners will progress to the next round until two boxers are left to fight for the gold medal. Furthermore, bronze medal are awarded to both losing semifinalists.

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