Dipa Karmakar inspires youngsters at Leap Gymnastics ahead of 2024 Paris Olympics

Ahead of the upcoming Paris Olympics 2024, young athletes at Leap Gymnastics, an initiative by the JSW Group dedicated to advancing the development of sports in India, were delighted by the visit of Indian gymnast Dipa Karmakar on Friday. Karmakar, a prominent figure in Indian gymnastics, who achieved a remarkable 4th place finish in the vault event at the 2016 Rio Olympics, visited the facility and inspired youngsters to follow in her footsteps.

Tanvi Jindal, Founder, Leap Gymnastics, said, “Dipa Karmakar’s journey and achievements highlight India’s potential in gymnastics. Her success story furthers our commitment to nurturing and developing world-class gymnasts. Leap Gymnastics is dedicated to providing the highest level of training and facilities to our athletes and creating a supportive environment for their growth.”

Expressing her gratitude, Dipa Karmakar said, “I thank Leap Gymnastics and JSW Group for inviting me to visit this facility. Their devotion to the growth of gymnastics and Olympic sports in India is truly inspiring and makes me proud. I believe that with such initiatives, we can nurture and develop the next generation of gymnasts who will shine on the global stage.”

Leap Gymnastics has trained over 1,000 gymnasts in Mumbai since its inception. The initiative aims to train and develop more than 10,000 gymnasts nationwide over the next five years through the creation of world-class gymnastics centres, the implementation of progressive training curriculums, and the establishment of a structured pathway for high-performance athletes.

What is Leap gymnastics?

Leap Gymnastics, an initiative by the JSW Group, aims to introduce gymnastics to a broader audience in India and build a solid foundation for developing elite athletes. The program focuses on establishing world-class gymnastics centres, implementing progressive training curriculums, and creating a structured pathway for high-performance sports, with the ultimate goal of competing at global championships, including the Olympics.

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