PUBG Mobile 3.4 and 3.5 features revealed at GAMESCOM LATAM 2024

At the Gamescom Latam 2024, one of the biggest gaming events, PUBG Mobile announced updates for players in the game. Fernando Mazza, Brazilian Chief Operating Officer at level Infinite and James Young, CEO Global Esports Center at Level Infinite, recently gave insights of PUBG Mobiles new features, including weapons which enhances gameplay experience. 

Here, we’ll discuss the PUBG Mobile 3.4 and 3.5 update features during the GAMESCOM LATAM 2024.

Classic Mode Changes: In the Classic Mode, PUBG Mobile will see several new updates designed to upgrade weapons and vehicles, enhancing overall gameplay experience. In the Classic Mode, players will have the ability to heal while driving, along with the introduction of new modes and techniques. Moreover, two liquid weapons will be introduced in the second half of 2024, adding more depth to the gameplay.

Mobile Shop: The tokens can now be used to purchase mobile store keys, allowing the players to drive store cars on Erangel, Miramar-Livic, and Sanhok maps. Here, the players can choose a real car from the mobile store.

Weapon adjustments and map updates: Other weapon updates include introduction of penetrating ammunition for the bolt-action sniper rifle and the upgraded P90. The Erangel map will also see updated, including a new mode of movement and more visual in-game analysis. 

Apart from the above-mentioned updates, the players can once again meet the iconic characters like Son Goku and Vegeta in the PUBG Mobile. The PUBG  Mobile 3.4 update is also set to bring Werewolf vs Werewolf.

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