BCCI initiates talks on IPL retention process; salary cap to increase to INR 120 Crore ahead mega auction: Reports

With the successful hosting of 17 editions of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has initiated talks with the IPL franchises and is set to finalise the retention policy by the end of this month. According to a recent report published by Cricbuzz, these updates come ahead keeping in mind the retention process seeing the IPL 2025 mega auction, which is set to take place later this year.

The BCCI along with the ten IPL franchises have initiated talks to sought out the views on the franchises, especially on the retention process. Apart from the retention policy, the franchises have also opened talks to increase the salary cap for the next three editions of the IPL. 

Speaking on detail about the IPL retention policy, the franchises have varied opinions thus far. While some have asked for five to seven retentions, there have been franchises claiming it to increase to eight, whereas some of the franchises have opted for no retentions, as reported by Cricbuzz. It is to be noted that in IPL 2021, the franchises were allowed to retain a maximum of four players and the Right To Match (RTM) cards weren’t used.

Impact Player rule to continue; Salary Cap to see INR 20 Crore increase

With IPL retention policy being the major topic of discussion at the moment among the BCCI and the IPL franchises, the report by Cricbuzz states that the Impact Player rule is set to continue for the time being. According to Cricbuzz, “BCCI is expected to maintain the Impact Player rule for the time being.”

Other than this, the BCCI is mulling to increase the salary cap of IPL from current INR 100 Crore to INR 120 Crore and it is being said that this could be a possibility. Although, there haven’t been any official communications in regard to the same, the meeting between the BCCI, IPL and the franchise CEOs is expected to take place by the end of July. 

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