Sid Joshi steps down as Team Soul’s manager; to focus on content creation

Sid Joshi has stepped down from the position of Team Soul’s esports manager and has decided to focus on content creation. However, Joshi will continue as a member of S8UL, Soul, and 8Bit’s joint venture. Animesh Agarwal, better known as 8bit Thug, revealed that after Joshi leaves the role, Ayogi Gamer will take on the position of Team Soul’s manager. The development comes just a week ahead of the BGIS Grand Finals 2024, set to take place in Hyderabad from July 28. 

Joshi announced that he took this decision to try and find stability for himself in his career. He took up the role in late 2021, following which the organisation formed a new BGMI team in 2022 that ended up winning the BMPS. He has now decided to be regular with his YouTube livestreams while creating content with S8UL. 

During one of his live streams, he said that he was finding it difficult to manage the team while creating content simultaneously. Not only this, but he also said that he hasn’t been able to make the kind of money he was earning a year ago. Joshi said that he is 33 years old and needs to focus on what he wants to do with his future. 

Notably, team Soul hired seven former players of Blind Esports out of which five are professional players currently playing in the BGMI lineup. The team is being managed by Shubham ‘Mayavi’ Chawla, and Ayogi Gamer was signed as its analyst but will now manage the side. 

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