WATCH: Shan Masood given not out despite being hit-wicket and run out on same ball in Vitality Blast 2024

Shan Masood, the Pakistan Test captain, was given not out in bizarre circumstances by the on-field umpires after he was hit-wicket and run out on a no-ball from Jack Blatherwick during the Roses clash in the Vitality Blast 2024. As per the MCC Law 31.7, the on-field umpires adjudicated that Shan Masood left his crease under the misapprehension of being out hit-wicket off a no-ball, calling him back to the crease despite being run out, signalling it a dead ball.

The incident happened on the first ball of the 15th over, a full length delivery from Jack Blatherwick, called no-ball by the on-field umpire James Middlebrook immediately, which the Yorkshire captain, Shan Masood, reverse ramped towards the short third region off the grill of his helmet. Upon realising that he stepped on to his stumps, Shan Masood was gutted before the non-striker Joe Root urged him to complete the run.

While Joe Root had reached the striker’s end unscathed, Shan Masood was left stranded in the middle of the pitch as the bowler Jack Blatherwick dislodged the stumps at the non-striker’s end. The Lancashire players didn’t realise that Shan Masood had stepped on to his stumps while the ball hit his helmet, which he tried to explain to them.

Shortly after, the on-field umpires James Middlebrook and Graham Lloyd intervened, and following a brief discussion, they adjudicated Shan Masood not out as per the Law 31.7 of the MCC. It reads, “An umpire shall intervene if satisfied that a batter, not having been given out, has left the wicket under a misapprehension of being out.  The umpire intervening shall call and signal Dead ball to prevent any further action by the fielding side and shall recall the batter.”

Shan Masood could not have been given out as per ECB concussion protocol either

Furthermore, as per the concussion protocol of England, Shan Masood could not have been sent back to the pavilion after the ball had hit his helmet prior to him stepping onto his stumps. The ECB guidance reads, “If the ball strikes a player on the head, irrespective of whether they are wearing a helmet, then a dead ball should be called immediately. Either umpire can do this. The dead ball should be called, irrespective of the apparent significance of the force with which the balls strikes the player e.g. even if it is what deemed a ‘slight glancing deflection’.”

Moreover, the Roses clash in the North Group of the Vitality Blast 2024 went the way of Yorkshire, who defeated Lancashire by seven runs at the Headingley in Leeds. Shan Masood top scored for the hosts with 61 off 41, including five fours and three maximums, while Joe Root scored 43 off 33 with five fours as well, to help the team score 173/8 in their allotted overs despite Saqib Mahmood picking up three wickets.

Here is the clip of Shan Masood’s incident in the Vitality Blast 2024:

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