Niclas Fullkrug regrets fan’s broken hand due to his shot at Euro 2024 opener

Before the UEFA Euro 2024 opener kicked off between Germany and Scotland, Niclas Fullkrug smashed the ball in the warm-up, which struck a fan named Kai Flathmann in the stands at the Allianz Arena, unfortunately breaking his hand. It is now reported that the 31-year-old expressed regret about the situation before planning to send a package to him in his apology, including the German t-shirt.

Kai Flathmann talked to the Bild newspaper about the incident, stating that he was taken to the hospital on a stretcher but not before soaking in the national anthems inside the stadium. Notably, Germany defeated Scotland 5-1 in their UEFA Euro 2024 opener, which included a thunderous goal from Niclas Fullkrug, and Kai Flathmann watched it from a hospital bed in Munich.

Fullkrug regrets fan’s broken hand due to his shot at Euro ’24 opener

“I sang along to the anthem on the stretcher. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Unfortunately, I had to give up my dream of watching the opening game, but when do you ever get your hand broken by Fullkrug?,” Kai Flathmann was quoted as saying to Bild.

The fan also took to his Instagram account to give the latest update about getting hit by Niclas Fullkrug, and wrote, “Unfortunately, I could no longer watch the game live from row 1. During the warm-up, I was hit by a shot from Niclas Fullkrug. I then went to hospital where unfortunately a fracture was identified. But luckily [Fullkrug adjusted his aim] and made it 4-0. We’ll continue in Stuttgart on Wednesday, and I’ll be cheering on the team behind the goal again.”

The German football team are reportedly sending Kai Flathmann a national team jersey as a part of their apology on behalf of Niclas Fullkrug, who regretted the incident.

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