Mohammad Rizwan’s “India” comment sparks controversy in aftermath of Haris Rauf-fan incident

After Haris Rauf got involved in a fan incident in the USA after Pakistan bowed out of the T20 World Cup 2024, his teammates came out in support of him on social media platform X, addressing the behaviour of people around them. But the matter took a controversial angle when Mohammad Rizwan speculated the fan to be an Indian, despite the fact that he called himself a Pakistani.

Notably, Haris Rauf was spotted having a heated argument with a fan on the streets in the USA after he had allegedly insulted his family. The Pakistani fast bowler, who was in a maroon t-shirt, ran across the hedge to charge the fan while her wife desperately tried to stop him.

The situation was brought under control by some people nearby, who managed to stop Haris Rauf from getting into a physical altercation. After the video of the incident went viral on X, many of the Pakistani players weren’t happy with the behaviour of the fans, letting them know their feelings about it while supporting his teammate, Haris Rauf.

Mohammad Rizwan spoke about how it didn’t matter if the fan was from Pakistan or India, which didn’t go down well with the Indian people, sparking a major row. He wrote on X, “It is irrelevant whether the person who disrespected Haris Rauf was from Pakistan or India. What truly matters is that these individual lacked values and manners. No one has the right to disrespect any human being, especially in front of their family members. Such appalling behavior must be stopped. Values like tolerance, respect, and compassion are increasingly rare commodities.”

Here are a few other posts on X from Pakistan players in support of Haris Rauf:

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